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Understanding every aspect

We are a team of experienced engineers and sales staff who are committed to your needs. Our combined professional backgrounds consist of various engineering and associated manufacturing industries. We understand your manufacturing schedules, working practices, and need for constant improvement, and are able to cater appropriately. Our passion for the associated technology and business insights allows us to constantly strive to improve our processes, allowing for better lead time and value for your product lines.


Heat treatment and more

Core services (localised or all-surface heat treatment for simple to complex parts of varying geometries): Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing. Induction Hardening & annealing. Precipitation hardening treatment, stress relieving, annealing, tempering, ageing, and solution heat treatment. On-site or in-house non-destructive/destructive hardness testing, reporting, and evaluation. Metallurgical and process improvement consultation.

For a more detailed list of services, industrial applications, and technological benefits of specific treatments, kindly refer to our services page.


Technology & Business


Plasma Nitriding VS Conventional Nitriding.
Integral Heat Pte Ltd (2014)

Why are heat treatment and surface engineering important?
International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering