Heat treatment

1. Plasma Nitriding

Heat Treatment Singapore - Integral Heat Pte LtdHeat Treatment Singapore - Integral Heat Pte LtdHeat Treatment Singapore - Integral Heat Pte Ltd
Description: Plasma-assisted nitriding is a thermo-chemical treatment of the workpiece resulting from an electrically induced bombardment of ionised Nitrogen onto its surface. We can also perform plasma-assisted nitrocarburising.
Applications: Finished parts for assembly, parts with simplistic to complex geometry, tightly controlled case depths of around 0.01mm requirements.
Benefits (for most steel grades) in comparison to conventional Gas & Liquid Nitriding: Minimal distortion, uniform case depth, exceptional dimensional control, improved corrosion and wear resistance, maintained core toughness.

2. Induction heat treatment

Description: Case hardening by means of phase transformation via eddy current heating and quick quenching. Often referred to as a form of 'Super Hardening'.
Applications: Localised heat treatment for parts with simpler geometry of large, medium, or small sizes requiring generally deeper case depths of around 1-3.00mm.
Benefits (for most steel grades): Optimised consistency for larger parts requiring localised hardening with a deeper case depth requirement. Reduced scaling. Repeatable and consistent results.

3. Precipitation hardening treatment

Description: Softening (Annealing), tempering, stress relief, solution heat treatment. Localised or otherwise.
Applications: Before or after your CNC machining phase. Performed as per your requirements.
Benefits (for most steel grades): Improved machining capability, reduced tooling and maintenance costs of CNC machines, Important for parts undergoing heavy machining or work hardening.